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The photo above was taken at the Annual Bomber Command Christmas Luncheon by Geoff Friend.

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  1. paul andrews says:

    Good Morning,

    If you would be so good as to pass this email onto your welfare team.

    Mr Ken Hartwell has asked me for someone to check on the following person and if Mrs Jo Hull is entitled to welfare, legacy, RSL support or to join your organisation.

    She is the widow of Mr Frank Hull who was with Bomber Command during the war.
    Her details Mrs Jo Hull 07 34893243, Mobile 0487605899.
    She lives at unit 243 Claremont Resort, Parkridge road, Parkridge and has given her permission to be contacted.

    Ken and his wife who is also now deceased were good friends with Frank & Jo and he wanted someone to check if she is going ok and is being looked after and or join your Bomber Command Outfit.
    Ken is a member of our naval association and I am his welfare officer.
    Thanks for your help with this.
    Paul Andrews


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